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  • Government Agencies

    Government of Canada

    Canadian Revenue Agency
    Elections Canada

    Government of Alberta

    Alberta Health

    Government of British Columbia

    BC Ministry of Education
    BC Ministry of Finance
    BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services 
    BC-Provincial Health Services Authority
    Vancouver Island Health Authority

    Government of Ontario

    Ontario Ministry of Health
    Ontario Drug Benefit Plan

    Government of New Brunswick

    NB Ministry of Health

    Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

    Ministry of Health and Community Services
    Ministry of Health and Wellness

    Government of Northwest Territories

    Ministry of Health

    Government of Nunatsiavut

    Department of Health & Social Services

    Government of Nunavut

    Ministry of Health

    Government of Yukon

    Ministry of Health

    Government of Prince Edward Island

    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning

  • Programs

    Address Change BC
    Alberta Enabling New Models of Care (ENMOC) Project
    BC Recovery Benefit
    BC Registries and Online Services
    BC Vaccine Program
    BCeID HelpDesk
    BC Property Tax Program
    BC Public-sector health benefits administration
    Canada Relief Program Contact Centre
    Centralized Homeowner Grant Program
    Children and Youth Support Needs Program
    Clean BC
    COVID-19 Information Line
    Disability employment services
    Elections BC
    ELMSD HelpDesk
    Emergency Management BC
    Employment services BC
    Employment Standards Information Line
    Employment Variance Line
    Flood Services Line
    Health Contact Centre Services (HIBC)
    Health information access layer – provincial lab information system
    Homeowner Grant Program
    One Stop BC Business Registry
    Ontario Seniors Co-Payment
    Ontario Trillium Drug Programs
    Service BC
    Services Card Authentication Verify By Video
    Sick Leave Employment Reimbursement Program
    Speculation and Vacancy Tax Program
    Teacher Certification Line
    Temporary Foreign Workers Program
    Vaccine Administration Line
    Work BC
    Worksafe BC 
    Yukon Health & Social Services COVID contact centre

Global presence, Canadian focus


Employees worldwide

18 Million +

Canadian voters supported through Elections Canada support services

10 million+

Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, and Travel claims processed annually across Canada

Thanks to ServiceBC and our service provider @maximus_canada for their hard work in setting up the contact centre to provide info for those impacted by the #BCStorm #BCFlood.

Lisa Beare

Minister of Citizens' Services BC

Rethinking the customer experience to create a better government experience

People interact with government agencies very differently than they do with the private sector. Build on today’s typical customer experience to create a better government experience ─ GX by Maximus.

Driving Innovation in government program delivery

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake, or using the government for beta testing, digital transformation requires integrating new tools with existing systems, policies, and workflows. From our extensive work with federal, provincial, and local agencies, we know the real-world implications and how to minimize risk.

We develop dependable, useful innovations such as:

  • Mobile solutions to improve workflow and reduce paper-based documentation
  • Virtual agents to deliver conversational, human-like experiences
  • RPA to increase efficiency and free up workers for more strategic tasks
  • AI to incorporate predictive learning into processes
  • Highly automated chat and digital citizen experience solutions