Partners in Employment Services

Building relationships in the communities we serve

Strong and effective employment service systems exemplify the "it takes a village" philosophy. At Maximus Canada Employment Services this principle, and the relationships that empower it, are the foundation of our model. 

It starts with values

Maximus Canada Employment Services (MCES) is committed to the communities we serve. We’ve learned from experience that the greatest impact comes through partnerships built around shared values. Our priority is to identify the relationships and strengths already present within an area, and find the opportunities where our combined efforts can make us greater than the sum of our parts.

Putting clients at the centre

We build our system from the client out, to ensure that it's guaranteed to meet the needs of those we serve. We focus on impact, not outcomes

Supporting a service ecosystem

Through a comprehensive, referrals-based system of partners, we support all aspects of workforce development for our clients.
We look beyond the usual employment services boundaries to ensure all aspects of employment readiness are available within the service network.

Co-designing local solutions

Whether it’s preparing for system change or improving existing structures, we know solutions only work when the intended participants are part of the design process.
A shared and iterative development processes is integral to find meaningful solutions for our local partners and the communities we serve.

Managing to strengths

As a global leader in employment services, we know what we do best. We also know the importance of engaging a diverse network of stakeholders and as well, recognizing and enabling each of their strengths.
We build collaborative and supportive systems in an environment where everyone can succeed.

Help us build solutions that work

Our team is always exploring new ideas and opportunities to build meaningful solutions. But to design workforce solutions with real impact, we know we need local stakeholders. Connect with us to explore how we can work together for change.