Employer Solutions

Providing quality workforce options for employers

We help employers overcome the increasing challenges involved in matching today's labour force with current business needs.

Recruitment and retention supports

Non-productive recruitment and retention efforts cost businesses valuable human and financial resources. We apply an end-to-end approach to talent matching that starts with job assessments and pre-screening, and continues through to post-hire engagement with both the employee and the employer. With average 12-month retention rates of over 75%, we create value for our employer partners.

Cross-jurisdictional talent and opportunities broker

We build strong relationships with employers not only within the communities we serve, but across the country. We take the time to understand their hiring needs and keep in regular contact, so we are often the first to know about new job openings. We work proactively identify ways to break down geographic or mobility barriers in talent recruitment.

Sector-based approaches

This targeted approach analyzes the needs of labour sectors and specific employers. We connect job seekers with relevant competencies and interests to those hiring businesses. Sector-based approaches provide individualized service for employers by focusing on the requirements of the job area/function while fulfilling the needs of industries looking for qualified candidates.

Employer-informed programs

We build apprenticeship programs that turn career-ready job seekers into valued employees. Using employer-approved curricula and a unique progress-proving portfolio, our apprentices demonstrate mastery of new skills that matter in the workplace. An impact review of program participants showed increased loyalty to the company and lower turnover rates.

Central point of contact

Employers face a myriad of options when it comes to their recruitment efforts. We work with our extensive network of partners to profile, understand and promote the services offered by each agency. Serving as a system-navigator, we quickly identify and connect employers with the best resources and supports for their workforce management needs.

Help us build solutions that work

Our team is always exploring new ideas and opportunities to build meaningful solutions. But to design workforce solutions with real impact, we know we need local stakeholders. Connect with us to explore how we can work together for change.