Our Solutions

Transforming programs, transforming lives

With more than 40 years of experience delivering government programs, we know how to develop solutions that help government and people flourish.

Maximus Canada delivers tangible results

2 million

calls per year

4.85 million

British Columbians served with medical coverage

2.6 million

Ontario residents receiving subsidized drug coverage


Maximus Canada plays a vital role in delivering our health system to the public. Our health care solutions are in use in nine of 13 Canadian provinces and territories. We have the experience and knowledge needed to manage new technologies and changing regulations.


Citizen Services

Maximus has been designing and managing contact centres for over 20 years. We focus on continuous quality management that creates positive and effective experiences for users of government services.


Employment Services

Maximus Canada is helping thousands of Canadians to gain job-related skills, and to find and keep new work. Our team of career development professionals address the needs of a wide variety of job seekers, and include case-managed services for hard-to-employ populations. We focus on meaningful outcomes that benefit both citizens and government.



The Medigent® suite of software modules helps government better manage the administration of their health care systems, so administrators and practitioners alike can focus on providing care.


Information Technology

Information technology needs to deliver results on tight budgets and timelines. Maximus Canada provides IT services that deliver support and performance for public-sector programs design, development, implementation and maintenance.


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning

Maximus Canada has one of the largest Oracle application development teams in Atlantic Canada, specializing in planning, developing and implementing Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.