MAXIMUS Worldwide

Partnering with our government clients around the globe, our staff of approximately 16,000 employees in the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom is dedicated to delivering practical and innovative solutions for health and human services program management. Our long term commitment to this area allows us to better understand how the delivery of programs has to be adapted to the specific needs of a community and a province. We work in close collaboration with our government clients to understand their goals and challenges and deliver solutions with the desired impacts to public programs and citizens.


United States

Established in the United States since 1975, MAXIMUS has partnered with state, federal, and local governments to provide critical health and human service programs to a diverse array of communities. We collaborate with government agencies to develop cost-effective health and human service programs tailored to their communities' unique needs. At the same time, we offer governments the ability to implement programs rapidly with scalable operations and automated systems. As the leading administrator of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and a pioneer of welfare reform with Welfare-to-Work, our comprehensive solutions help governments run effectively and efficiently to achieve their programmatic goals.



MAX Solutions

MAX Solutions delivers employment, health and training solutions to Australians, on behalf of our government and corporate business clients. As the top rated for-profit provider for the Job Services Australia program, we connect job seekers with employers through a range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of citizens. We offer health services to individuals and organizations to help address issues that may impact on an individual's well-being and workplace performance. We also provide vocational, educational and professional training services to a variety of industries.


United Kingdom

MAXIMUS Employment & Training

As one of the preferred employment and job-training providers, we specialize in helping people achieve sustainable employment through rehabilitation, work preparation, and training courses for individuals with specific employment needs including the disabled. We are one of the major welfare-to-work providers under the Flexible New Deal. We address barriers to employment and training on a range of skills towards sustained employment.


Saudi Arabia

In August 2012, MAXIMUS launched operations on a one-year pilot program to provide assistance to job seekers in Saudi Arabia. Through the Ta’qat program, MAXIMUS provides case management support to help job seekers address their barriers to employment and find sustainable jobs.