Maximus Canada

Contact Centre Operations

Continuous quality management that creates positive and effective customer experiences

For more than 20 years, MAXIMUS has designed, implemented and managed high performance contact centres to help government clients effectively serve participants in health and human service programs.

Our capacity to deliver high performing contact centre solutions through the use of modern technology and focused business process management means enhanced quality and efficiency for public programs. We use MAXIMUS Canada’s wide ranging expertise to serve programs accessed by a diverse range of customers: the public, health care providers, help desk operations or production system support.


Customized Solutions

Optimizing call handle times to achieve greater efficiency and speed of access to accurate program information. This leads to cost savings and improved outcomes for program participants. Using the most advanced, flexible and adaptive technology to address our client’s unique needs, our toolkit includes:

  • Modeling tools for forecasting staffing levels and skills sets
  • Quality assurance monitoring through recorded and stored phone conversations and screen shots
  • Quality scorecards for agent performance coaching and client satisfaction monitoring
  • Document management for linking imaged documents to cases
  • Reporting tools for leveraging existing data

Our streamlined contact centre design results in:

  • Decreased call handle time
  • Increased user satisfaction through quick access to relevant information
  • Improved quality control scores for agents
  • More transparent implementation with no visible impact on network bandwidth or server utilization
  • Decreased need for additional resources

Our wide range of expertise allows for the capacity to deliver contact centre solutions for:

  • Program Administration – delivering service to public clients or program providers by phone and web
  • Help Desks – providing technical support for program providers and stakeholders
  • Medigent® Product Support – a 24/7 help desk dedicated to support Medigent® clients through a single point of contact for technical and functional needs